Script editing/ consultancy

I have helped create and develop several animated series. In some cases, I've been employed as a script editor and consultant. In others, I've been brought on at inception to take the initial concept and character designs and turn them into a sustainable returning series. This involves creating a bible and pitch documents, advising on the storyworld, and writing between 1 and 21 episodes to establish the series style.

Ziggy & the Zoo Tram (GRID Animation) Starting in 2012, I developed the show for television, writing the bible and the first six episodes, and helping pitch it at Forum Cartoon. I've written 22 episodes to date.

Rainbow Chicks (Tthunder Animation) This charming pre-school series comes from Zhejiang in China. In 2015 I was hired by the good people at Tthunder Animation to advise on developing the property for the international market.

Ella Bella Bingo (Kool Produktion) The first series of this show was a hit in its native Norway under the title Elleville Elfrid. In 2011, I was commissioned to help develop it for the international market. I revised the bible, wrote two episodes of Season 2 and renamed it Ella Bella Bingo. 
Little Princess (Illuminated Film Co.) In 2002, I realised that the much-loved Little Princess books by Tony Ross would make great television - provided that the animation style was 100% true to Tony's inimitable hand-drawn style. I took the idea to the Illuminated Film Company, and was hired to help develop it. I script edited the first two seasons and wrote 17 episodes. The show sells to 168 countries, and has been nominated for Kids' Baftas, British Animation Awards and more.

Fireman Sam (HIT Ent.) This was my first script-editing job in kids' TV, working for Jocelyn Stevenson and Theresa Plummer-Andrews. By the time I joined the show, it was an international hit and already in its fifth season.